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Sure, quartz countertops were invented recently. Over the years, they have gained a loyal following because of their unique qualities and benefits. Are you a property owner in Newmarket and would like to install quartz countertops in your kitchen? Contact Stonnik ,one of Toronto’s top-rated one-stop shop for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

About us

Stonnik is one of the top-rated stone suppliers and fabrication shops in Toronto, Canada. The company provides quartz and natural stone products, including bathroom vanities, coffee tables, kitchen countertops, shower jambs, and more. We have a team of highly trained professionals who can help you choose the right countertop materials, design the right templates, fabrication, and get the countertop installed according to your preferences. Stonnik is a reputable company that maintains high standards and always strives to deliver outstanding services to its customers. Our technicians have access to imported stones from different regions all over the world. This gives our clients a broad spectrum of patterns and shades to choose from.

Why Choose us

You are probably wondering what makes Stonnik the ultimate choice for property owners and interior designers. In addition to providing top quality services, we ensure precise and reliable communication with our customers. We handle many projects and highly exotic stones. Our technicians can access a broad selection of unique remnants that are ideal for fireplaces, bathrooms, and tabletops.


We are a company that values its clients and will be involved in the whole process, from the selection and fabrication to the installation of the quartz countertops in Newmarket. We get fulfilment from using our expertise to help you make selections that you can be proud of for many years.


We offer an assortment of quartz kitchen countertops in Newmarket that cannot be found anywhere else in the region. Whatever your style is, be assured you will find it in our store. Even if you prefer other materials like ceramic, porcelain, or vinyl tiles, you will also get them in our store.


We have a systematic approach that ensures every client gets the exact quartz kitchen countertops needed within the agreed-upon timeline. We will help you place your order and get your preferred materials to the site without any delay. Do not shy away from disclosing your needs or sharing your preferences with us.


We also specialize in providing the highest quality customer service. We know the kind of value we gain from our clients. That is why we always try to build a long-lasting relationship by giving products and services we can be proud of. So be sure you will get good value for purchasing quartz countertops, especially when you work with us.


Having a low budget should not hinder you from having the latest countertop models. We have various price points for different budget ranges, but each one will give you tremendous value. In addition, you can take advantage of our network of home renovation stores to get the most budget-friendly kitchen countertops in Newmarket, regardless of whether you want natural stone or other types.


Installing countertops at strategic points in your home can give it a fantastic transformation, and we can help with that. We have the most elegant and sophisticated quartz kitchen countertops that will increase the practicality of different sections of your household and make you more comfortable. No matter what your vision is, we will help you make it a reality.


At 4.9/5, we are one of the highest-ranking companies on Google. We have achieved this through excellent service delivery, and we intend to continue doing so. The reviews by our previous clients will give you a clearer perspective on what to expect when you choose us. Please check them out. You will not be disappointed.


Quartz countertops are made of slabs that contain up to 90% natural quartz. Colored pigments and binding polymers make the remaining 10%. The high quartz content makes these countertops durable and resistant to scratches, stains, and chips.

Nonporous countertops

One benefit of installing quartz countertops is that they are not porous. Unlike granite and other natural stone options, quartz slabs are engineered, creating a uniform and nonporous surface. Therefore, they lack holes and cracks where spills can soak in. Additionally, these countertops are easy to clean and maintain.

Kitchen Countertops Toronto
Kitchen Countertops Toronto

Maintenance is easy

Natural stone countertops like concrete and granite must be sealed or coated with wax every year. This is because these materials are porous and absorb water quickly. However, all quartz countertops are made using engineered materials that are nonporous and resistant to chips, scratches, and stains. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about stubborn stains – just wipe your countertop using a clean piece of cloth and soapy water.

Exceptional design possibilities

Being a human-made product, engineered quartz can be manipulated to create slabs of different color shades and aesthetics. Natural stone such as granite comes in particular colors that tend to occur naturally. However, quartz is available in various styles, and property owners can always choose what best suits their kitchen design and other preferences.

Uniform look and feel

Uniformity in terms of pattern and color shades isn’t guaranteed in granite countertops and other natural stone options. However, quartz kitchen countertops don’t fall in this category. They are made of engineered material, and this implies that the materials can easily be manipulated to feel and look uniform across the surface. This creates a consistent style on your countertop, which further adds to your kitchen’s dope design aesthetic.

Wrap Up

As much as granite and all other natural stone countertops are still common, engineered quartz is gaining fame due to its nonporous properties, durability, and ease of maintenance. These are the reasons a growing number of homeowners choose to install these types of countertops.


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Kitchen Countertops Toronto

Quartz countertops Newmarket production process

Natural quartz forms the most significant percentage of engineered quartz. It is one of the most abundant minerals in the continental crust and also appears in the list of the hardest minerals. Natural quartz occurs in different varieties, and some of them are considered pricey, semi-gems.

Over the years, engineered quartz is valued for its ease of maintenance, the fact that it’s nonporous, durability, and versatility. When used to create kitchen or bathroom countertops, the natural quartz is crushed then mixed with resin. This creates uniform patterns and colors.

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Bathroom Countertops

Quartz countertops design

The production process of engineered quartz slabs allows the addition of pigmentation to produce quartz slabs of different colors and patterns. Thus, depending on your patterns and color preferences, you can always choose from the available options. Engineered quartz countertops come in a variety of finishes. Your choice will depend on your preferences.

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Fireplace Mantels

Professional installation

The installation of a quartz countertop isn’t a DIY project. This is because quartz slabs are usually very heavy, and you may need to remove plumbing, sink, and backsplash when installing the countertop. Therefore, you need an expert who can handle the heavy lifting, and if the sink was first removed, get it reinstalled once the countertop is in place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, many homeowners choose quartz countertops because they exist in
different colors and patterns. We import our bathroom and kitchen countertops from
various manufacturers across the world. Therefore, you can be assured of a broad range
of options.

Quartz is fabricated to create the specific slabs used in the creation of quartz countertops.
During this process, pigmentations can be added to give the slabs unique and uniform
color shades or patterns. Granite, on the other hand, is a natural stone that occurs in
inconsistent colors and patterns.

Avoid placing hot items directly on the counter. Unlike granite and other natural stone
countertops, quartz countertop can be damaged by extreme heat. Though it’s stain-
resistant, clean your countertop regularly to keep it in great shape.

Generally, engineered quartz is nonporous. Thus, it doesn’t require annual sealing as it is
the case with natural stone countertops such as granite. Quartz countertops are resistant to stains, scratches, and chips. They require minimal maintenance, are affordable, and easy
to clean.

Generally, engineered quartz countertops are stain-resistant. They are made of about 90
percent natural granite, and that means they’re nonporous, durable, stain-resistant, and
don't get chipped easily. It is recommended to clean spills immediately.

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Mo showed up on time, the date we decided on , worked very efficiently, were tidy, polite and friendly. All this at a fair price. I highly recommend him
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Dan Saliva
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Great people - pricing was reasonable and job was delivered on time
Mehdi Khaniki
Mehdi Khaniki
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