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Time to redo your kitchen? Investing in quality kitchen countertops is totally worth it. New countertops will not only transform the look and feel of your kitchen but also significantly boost the value of your property. At Stonnik, we’ve helped numerous clients find the perfect kitchen countertops Toronto. Many of our customers are initially surprised by the choices they have when it comes to countertops. Sometimes choosing the right material, style and color can be confusing. That’s where we feature.

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Selecting the ideal kitchen countertop is important as it contributes to your home’s overall value. These countertops need to be functional, properly designed and made using a quality material that can resist damage from constant use. You want to choose a material that adds a beautiful impression in the kitchen but at the same time is easy to maintain.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or contemporary look, we offer a wide range of style possibilities so you can find a countertop that blends with your home’s interior design. Common selections of countertop materials are granite and marble. Granite is popular due to its attractiveness and versatility. Marble is a popular choice in high-end homes because of its timeless appeal and ability to withstand damage after many years of normal use. Other options like slate are used because they are easy to maintain.

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Types of kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops come in different materials and it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each before buying. Don’t just focus on the style; the right countertop for your kitchen must also be functional, well designed and able to resist damage from normal use.


This is a durable and scratch resistant material used in kitchen surfaces. It’s able to resist damage with constant exposure to sharp objects. The only major drawback is that granite requires frequent sealing to prevent staining. Additionally, granite is heavy so the cabinets must be able to withstand its weight.


It’s very versatile and comes with lots of style possibilities. Quartz countertops can be designed in any color you like. It’s cheaper than granite and marble.


This is a lightweight, easy to cut and install countertop material. It’s often chosen due to its durability and ease of maintenance. It also comes in lots of unique colors and can be designed to mimic the look of natural stone or wood.


This countertop material adds class and sophistication in any kitchen space. It can last for very many years with heavy usage, as it is an extremely durable material.


This is a heat resistant countertop material that’s preferred by homeowners in kitchens because it’s easy to maintain. Sanding the surface gently and applying a coating from time to time can easily remove scratches.


This is an engineered stone that’s highly scratch resistant and often used in kitchens exposed to heavy usage of sharp objects. It’s also fire and heat resistant.

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What makes Stonnik the first choice of many homeowners and designers, is not only our services quality, it is the easy and clear communication our commitment to customer service. Because we do so many unique projects with unusual and exotic stones, we have a huge selection of one-of-a-kind remnants be that marble, porcelain, granite or quartz countertops, that are perfect for bathrooms, fireplaces, tabletops, and other small projects.