Best Bathroom countertop Toronto

Your choice of countertop can make or break your bathroom design. A quick look at the vanity and countertop can easily tell the owner’s design taste. If you’re planning a remodel or you’re in the process of a new build, the materials you choose for your countertop are important. A good bathroom countertop material should be able to withstand damp environments. If you choose materials like wood, warping will be a common issue.

At the same time, the countertop material should be easy to clean up to prevent staining. Bathroom countertops are often exposed to stains from bathroom products, hair, and makeup. The ideal material should be easy to wipe off. At Stonnik, we know that choosing bathroom sink countertops Toronto can be overwhelming. That’s why we give our customers help and advise all the time.

Natural stone vs. man-made

Natural stone countertops are quite popular in Toronto. People love their timeless appeal and longevity. However, natural stone can be quite costly for most homeowners. Options like marble come in different color variations. Granite comes in different finishes so it’s easy to find something that matches your choice of design. You can go for polished granite, which looks sleek and shiny, or a matte finish that’s less glossy. It’s easy to keep stains off a granite surface by simply wiping it. In fact, deep stains are almost unheard of with granite countertop.

If your budget were rather limited, a practical solution would be to go for a man-made countertop such as laminate or composite. The major drawback of these materials is that they aren’t resistant to extreme heat. Your hot pots and pans could easily damage the laminate countertop.

Countertops for full baths versus half bath

You may have a small bathroom in areas of the house like the guest room where only a small section on the sink needs a counter. It’s still important to ensure that the material used in the mini bathroom countertop complements what’s used in the larger bathroom. Tile can give you an elegant look without the extreme costs.

For the larger bathroom, you’ll need to identify a material that’s able to withstand moist conditions. Steam from the shower can easily damage a porous countertop. Popular choices that work well in damp conditions include granite, marble and engineered stone.

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Pros and cons of common bathroom countertop materials


Has a natural appeal that complements modern spaces. It’s also resistant to general wear and tear. Must be sealed from time to time to prevent damage especially by stains.


Mimics the natural look of stone and is available in so many different colors and designs. It’s cheaper than granite and requires less maintenance.


An excellent choice for outdoor kitchens and baths. It’s lighter than stone, which makes it easy to cut and install.


Adds elegance and sophistication in the bathroom. It’s costly and stains easily. Often used in high-end bathrooms. Marble can last for many years with minimal maintenance, which is why people consider it as a top choice regardless of its cost.


This bathroom countertop material can withstand heat damage

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