Stonnik is the place to get quartz countertops of unsurpassed quality in Mississauga. Our countertops and other products are available in a variety of materials that work well with any kitchen design.  We are at your service anytime you call or visit.

About Our Kitchen Countertops in Mississauga

Stonnik is known for unmatched supply and fabrication in Mississauga. Our products range widely, but to mention a few, we have bathroom and kitchen countertops, fireplace mantels, vanities, and coffee tables.

Our team of experts aids you in choosing materials, fabrication, and installation. We pride ourselves on providing every client with the best quality of products and services, especially regarding quartz countertops in Mississauga. With us, you can choose between different sizes and colours of stones all under one roof. We import our own stone.

What Else We Offer Besides Quartz Countertops

Renovating a home is not easy. We have the best interests of all our customers at heart. We aim to give only the top quality products and services.


Kitchen countertops made using both natural and man made stones have an irrefutable outstanding elegance. At Stonnik, we match that by delivering quality services that are unlike any other. We also have a proven record of providing the best quartz countertops in Mississauga.


Variation is crucial when it comes to home improvement products. It is the only way to ensure your home stands out from others in the neighbourhood, and our vast range of countertops in Mississauga can help you achieve that. Whatever texture, colour, or pattern you prefer, we will provide it.


You do not have to worry about wasting a lot of time and energy searching for the perfect quartz kitchen countertops when we are around. Instead, you can reach out to us, and our service providers will explore all options to get you the most fitting solutions. We also take pride in timely deliveries.


Our company is detail-oriented. We make sure every job is done to perfection, and every customer gets their expectations surpassed. We prioritize our clients above everything else and strive to give you quartz countertops and services you can be proud of. All our policies revolve around customer satisfaction.


Stonnik has built a lasting relationship with some of the most reputable renovation stores dealing with kitchen countertops in Mississauga and the GTA region. Through them, we can give you the most superior materials at the most affordable prices. Our objective is to make it possible for homeowners to get the latest countertop designs at reasonable costs.


Apart from durability, the other advantage of having quartz kitchen countertops is their ability to complement every home architectural and decoration style and fixtures. Their availability in multiple options is guaranteed to make it easier for you to spruce up your home and transform it into the luxurious space you have always envisioned. Our meticulous process will not fail you.


One of the most crucial steps you should never ignore when looking for products and services is checking out the reviews of the company you are interested in buying from or hiring. We advise all our customers to do the same before hiring us because we believe in our reputation. Our review ratings are some of the highest on online platforms.

Our products include

Kitchen Countertops Toronto

Quartz kitchen countertops

We offer a great selection of quartz kitchen countertops.  We are here to offer you unique colors, shapes, and designs that could match your dream interior design. Quartz is a durable material that works perfectly as a kitchen surface.

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Bathroom Countertops

Quartz bathroom countertops

To cater to a bathroom space, you need to plan adequately prior. Most people don’t have the luxury of huge bathroom spaces. We offer a variety of bathroom countertop sizes so you can find one that works specifically for your bathroom.

At Stonnik, we carefully select the vanities to meet your needs, personal tastes and preferences. Our team of experts is here to help you pick a bathroom countertop that will suit your needs.

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Fireplace Mantels

Quartz fireplace mantels

A stone fireplace mantel retains its class and sophistication for a very long time. Our qualified team provides you not only with quartz kitchen countertops but also with the best designs and quality of fireplace mantels.

At Stonnik, you will find quartz fireplace mantels that match your house’s interior design. All of our mantels are made with quality quartz to guarantee all our clients nothing but value. We offer a wide range of stone colours. The only thing you have to do is reach out to us. Our team of experts will be happy to help you and pick the design that would match your expectations best.

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Stonnik quartz countertops are made of high quality stone. Here are a few reasons why you need to use our products:

Durability Stonnik


Finding durable countertops requires an expert eye. The durability of our kitchen quartz countertops in Mississauga can’t compare to anything else. They are created using 90% quartz and binding polymers. Colored pigments make up the remaining 10%. With our quartz countertops, you don’t need to worry about stains, chips, and scratches.

Nonporous Countertops


Nothing is more frustrating than porous countertops. Most products that are made of stone are highly absorbent. Consequently, they absorb water and other liquids quickly. Quartz is engineered; therefore, it creates nonporous surfaces. With quartz kitchen countertops, holes or cracks are hard to come by.

Maintenance Is Easy


Unlike concrete or granite, quartz does not require sealants or wax coatings hence less maintenance. Due to its nonporous quality, it is effortless to maintain because you don’t need to worry about notorious stains or water spillages.

Uniform Feel And Look

Uniform patterns

Quartz is engineered; hence the manufacturer can manipulate it to whatever color and pattern they want. It is easy to achieve uniformity with the quartz countertops, unlike those made from natural products like stones or granite.

Wrap up

In conclusion

Thanks to its durability, nonporous, and easy to maintain qualities, most people have moved from granites and other natural stone countertops in Mississauga to quartz.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quartz materials are highly resilient and not prone to damage even after regular use. If the surface is kept from significant abuse, it will last because it’s typically indestructible.

Never expose your quartz countertops to extreme heat, but in case they are damaged by excessive heat or aggressive scratches, contact a technician from our team for assistance.

Countertop installation should always be left to professionals. At Stonnik, our expert installers will handle the entire installation process from start to finish. We will make sure all the finishing touches are professionally done. Our team is trained in stone countertop installation so you can rest assured of a job well done the first time. We will look after the fine details of the installation and ensure the result is something you absolutely love. With stone countertops, backsplashes are usually optional which could help you minimize labour costs.

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Mo showed up on time, the date we decided on , worked very efficiently, were tidy, polite and friendly. All this at a fair price. I highly recommend him
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Dan Saliva
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Great people - pricing was reasonable and job was delivered on time
Mehdi Khaniki
Mehdi Khaniki
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Granite Countertops Toronto

Granite Countertops

Granite is an amazing choice when you want to add both beauty and functionality to your countertops. The material is durable, scratch-resistant and can last for many years even with heavy usage. The downside, however, is the fact that granite countertops have to be sealed at least once every year to prevent staining. The material is also considerably heavy. This means your kitchen cabinets have to be strong enough to hold up the weight. Most homeowners go for granite kitchen countertops in Richmond Hill because they last longer and offer numerous style possibilities.

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Ceasar Stone Countertops

Ceasar Stone Countertops

The versatility and unique style are the key reasons fabricators go for Ceasar stone. The Ceasar stone countertop will offer you numerous style possibilities. The countertops are available in many designs and colours. It is also good to note that they are much cheaper than marble and granite but still offer the same or even better performance.

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Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops

Are you searching for a material that will add both elegance and sophistication to your space? Marble countertops are what you need. Marble is distinguished by its unique texture. It is also quite durable and can serve you for years even when it is exposed to heavy use. In most cases, marble countertops are found in high-end homes.

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Porcelain Countertops

Porcelain Countertops

The main advantage of porcelain is that it is lightweight. This makes it a perfect choice for countertops. The material is also easy to cut and install. Porcelain is also easy to maintain and quite durable. You will also be able to find porcelain countertops in a wide range of shapes and colours. Finding something that perfectly complements your bathroom or kitchen will be easy when it comes to porcelain. The grand beauty is the fact that porcelain can be manufactured to mimic natural wood or stone. This means you will be able to achieve the natural stone or wood countertop look you desire without any extra cost. If you want to save on costs but still want the timeless look, porcelain countertops will be ideal for you.

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Dekton Countertops

Dekton Countertops

While it is not as common in homes today, Dekton is an amazing material thanks to it being highly scratch resistant. It is common on kitchen countertops because of its unique ability to withstand the abuse which often includes exposure to sharp objects like knives that scratch the surface frequently. Even with this level of abuse, Dekton countertops remain scratch-free. It is also good to note that Dekton countertops are quite easy to maintain. This is partly because the material is nonporous which means you don’t have to keep sealing it every few months. The material is also very easy to clean. You can remove stains easily by wiping them. Dekton is also heat and fire-resistant. You can place a hot pot or pan on the surface without damaging your countertops.

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