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The team at Stonnik has installed numerous porcelain counters in Toronto homes. Our clients prefer porcelain countertops because they’re much stronger and less expensive compared to other options like granite. Porcelain has a beautiful natural appearance that adds character in any room where it’s used. Unlike granite and marble which are too heavy, porcelain is lightweight and hence simpler to install. It also doesn’t require any sealing and is heat resistant. These are some of the advantages our clients find in porcelain countertops Toronto.

Why Choose Porcelain Countertops in Toronto?

Choose modern porcelain counters

The technology used in making porcelain countertops has advanced in recent years. Today, this material is used in making counters for commercial and residential spaces because it’s versatile, durable and easy to maintain. At Stonnik, we recommend porcelain for exterior use. It’s an excellent option in outdoor kitchens especially if you’re looking for a consistent design that flows from your home to the property’s exterior. The best part is, porcelain surfaces are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. The slabs are ultra thin and easy to handle during installation. Your kitchen will be instantly upgraded with sleek and elegant porcelain counters that boost the property’s value.

Heat and scratch resistant counters

Countertops are surfaces exposed to all kinds of elements. From extreme heat to sharp objects, your kitchen counters must be designed to withstand all kinds of stresses. The good thing with porcelain surfaces is that they are heat and scratch resistant. You may even select a premium grade porcelain countertop that’s made using advanced technology to make it non-porous like quartz. With the new technologies, porcelain counters are not only better in appearance but also come in amazing features that improve their function. The slabs can be as large as 5 by 10 feet, which makes them ideal in larger kitchen islands. There are lots of design possibilities when it comes to porcelain counters.

Variety of colours and patterns

One of the top benefits of porcelain countertops is that you can customize the overall appearance of your kitchen counter to reflect your personality and style. The material is available in a broad range of colours, and you can choose an option that matches your current kitchen layout or pick a colour that offers your kitchen space an entirely new, exciting look. Note that porcelain countertops in Toronto aren’t at risk of discolouration and that means your kitchen will look great for decades. In addition to the endless list of colour options, this material comes in different patterns. By successfully manipulating the material’s pigmentation, it can be made to match other items in your kitchen or give them an entirely new appearance. You’ll have access to a variety of finishes when installing these counters. Whether you opt for a highly polished or matte surface, you can customize the ways you finish your counters.


Currently, porcelain countertops in Toronto are about 5 mm thick (approximately 3/16”) though there are other width sizes available in the market. Given the thin size of this material, they can add an exceptional style to your wall panels and backlashes, panels for the sides of your kitchen cabinets or island. They can also serve as decorative accents in other areas of your home. Note that lightweight materials make the entire countertop installation process easy. Unlike granite and other natural stone materials, porcelain can be made into large slabs. Based on the specific size of a slab, you can cover the entire section of kitchen counters with just a single piece of porcelain without worry about too much weight. This simplifies the installation process to an exceptional degree. It’s also easier to move these slabs around in your kitchen during installation. Given the minimal thickness of porcelain countertops, they can installed directly over your current countertops. If you were to install concrete or granite countertops, you would fits remove the existing material prior to the installation of the new countertop.

Low Maintenance

One of the top benefits of choosing porcelain countertops for your kitchen is that the material requires minimal maintenance. First, these countertops are easy to install because they are lightweight, and even after installation, the maintenance process is easy. It can be made into large slabs, and that means you will have minimal grout and seams to clean. Besides, porcelain countertops are nonporous, and that means no sealing or waxing is necessary during installation and in the future. According to experts and property owners who have been using these countertops, it’s extremely easy to clean porcelain countertops. This makes them a great choice for homeowners who need sparkling kitchen countertops. During their manufacturing process, the firing session creates an exceptional glaze that makes porcelain waterproof. To keep these countertops spotlessly clean, all you need to do is to wipe it or wash using warm, soapy water. Besides, you can use bleach and other strong chemicals when cleaning the countertop as the glaze will prevent any possible damage.

Easy to Install

Did you know that you could install porcelain over an existing countertop? If you’re planning a new renovation and want to cut down on costs by retaining the existing countertop, consider a material like porcelain that comes in ultrathin slabs which can be placed over another counter. We love to install porcelain because it’s lighter and easier to handle than natural stone. Furthermore, porcelain can be cut during installation in order to achieve the perfect fit. When it comes to the design, porcelain tiles can mimic the exact look of natural stone or wood. You get an opportunity to give your space a traditional or rustic look without the high cost of wood and natural stone.  Porcelain makes it easy to create a space that’s personalized to suit every budget and need. At Stonnik, we’ve handled numerous projects that involve porcelain counters. Whether you need help in choosing the ideal countertops or want expert installation services, our team is ready to assist. We offer consultation on kitchen and bath renovations throughout Toronto. Our staff is exceptional and we offer an immense range of products all under one roof.

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