why are Dekton counters ideal choice in Toronto ?

Dekton counters are not very commonly found in homes today. This is a somewhat new innovation that has grown in popularity due to its beautiful features. Dekton is a type of engineered stone that we use at Stonnik to install beautiful countertops for our clients. If you’re wondering whether Dekton is an ideal choice for you, read on to find out more.

What is Dekton?

Dekton is a blend of different raw materials, including quartz, porcelain and glass, to produce an engineered stone that’s strong, beautiful and versatile. This engineered stone can be used in different applications such as kitchen counters, worktops and flooring. The Dekton slabs come in different sizes and thickness varies from 8mm to 20mm.

Kitchen Countertops

Are you looking for a kitchen countertop material that can withstand stains, heat, and scratching while maintaining its beauty? Dekton is a popular long term product for any property owner planning to transform their kitchen into a unique area. It is associated with excellent potential for installation in a single piece, and this eliminates the need for joints, cuts, and even limits. Most Dekton countertops in Toronto have the appeal of an entirely uniform surface, a characteristic that fits seamlessly in countless kitchen design options.

Simply put, Dekton brings all the qualities desired by every chef into a single surface. It is easy to clean and also resistant to all forms of the daily grind that may take place in your kitchen countertops. Additionally, Dekton has always been an ultra-sophisticated material for a busy kitchen space. Lastly, it creates a space that will make your daily preparation of meals a pleasant experience for you and your loved ones.

Bathroom Countertops

Your bathroom is the space in your entire home where proper hygiene and harmony must be upheld to the highest possible standards. It is a unique space for your personal care and hygiene. It should be uniquely designed to help you experience pleasant and relaxing moments, where various sensations are at your fingertips. Bathroom countertops play an integral role in creating this comfort, a reason you should make your choice wisely. Dekton countertops have textures and colours with endless inspiration for the specific design of bathrooms.

While functionality is a top factor, you must consider when it comes to kitchen countertop options, you can bump it a notch lower when choosing a countertop material for your bathroom. Note that functionality is a crucial consideration, but your bathroom countertops need to make a bold statement, offer an ample workspace, and still be practical. If you are looking for these qualities, Dekton countertops in Toronto maybe just an ideal choice.

Outdoor Countertops

Generally, cooking is a pleasant experience, and you can do it outdoors whenever you have a social event such as celebrations when you can enjoy the company of other people around a BBQ or a grill. Whether you’re cooking indoors or outdoors, countertops offer ample space essential for food preparation. Thus, choosing the right outdoor countertop could mean the difference between a successful outdoors event and a boring one.

Dekton is becoming a popular choice of outdoor countertop material in Toronto and other nearby areas. It’s an innovative material that brings together the outstanding features of porcelain, glass, and quartz formulated to create a compact, nonporous surface that is resistant to UV. These countertops are virtually indestructible, durable, maintain stable colours in the sun, and impervious to staining. Dekton is a material that offers strength and style to your outdoor countertops and gives then undeniable practicality and personality. You don’t have to worry about the impact of stains, high temperatures, and even bumps. Dekton can withstand all these while maintaining its beauty for many years. 

The main benefits of Dekton include:

It’s stain resistant

It’s really important to invest in a stain proof surface, especially in areas like the kitchen. Dekton has a low porosity and doesn’t contain any resins which is what makes it stain resistant. When you have a Dekton counter, all you have to do to prevent staining is wiping down the surface immediately after a spill. Dekton surface will remain intact and maintain its attractive appearance even when exposed to chemicals found in drain cleaners, bleach and degreasers.

It’s scratch resistant

Sharp objects cannot damage Dekton surfaces. This is probably why it’s an excellent choice for kitchen countertops. However, to maintain the look of Dekton countertops Toronto, place a cutting board when using knives on the surface.

It’s fire and heat resistant

You can place hot pots and pans on a Dekton counter without worrying about damage because it’s able to withstand very high temperatures. This material hardly burns or cracks when exposed to extreme heat.

Color consistency and non-porous

Dekton is engineered by manufacturers who give it just the right amount of color from slab to slab. This makes the counters retain their color over time. When you install the Dekton surface today, be assured that it will maintain its new appearance throughout the life of the product. The best part is, Dekton surfaces don’t require sealing. The material is non-porous which makes it very easy to maintain. It’s hard for liquids and gases to penetrate the Dekton surface so it’s an excellent option in damp areas like bathrooms.

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Indoor and outdoor applications

Dekton is highly recommended for both indoor and outdoor use. The manufacturers of this product guarantee that it doesn’t fade even when exposed to harsh UV light from the sun. Dekton also has a high resistance to abrasion. It’s an ideal option in high traffic commercial applications such as flooring because it will never require re-surfacing or re-finishing. Dekton is also thermal shock proof, which makes it an excellent option in both hot and cold environments.

If you’re looking to invest in a Dekton surface, the team at Stonnik can help you a design and style that best complements your home. We’ll answer all your questions and provide the guidance you need including installing your Dekton countertop to fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dekton worth the money?

Dekton is one of the strongest and most long-lasting countertop materials available today. Countertops made of Dekton can stand up to significant abuse. When compared to other materials like granite and quartz, Dekton does much better overall. According to testing that was done by the magazine Consumer Reports, Dekton is able to resist scratches, stains and scorching to certain degrees. The countertops can be wacked, sliced and scratched but they’ll still hold up. Unlike materials like granite and marble that need sealing and can discolour, Dekton will not stain and is highly tolerant to extremely high temperatures.

According to testing performed by Consumer Reports, Dekton counters chip more easily compared to other types of countertops. The testing involved simulating a heavy pot falling on top of the Dekton surface from a high rack. This means that Dekton counters need proper handling and maintenance when installed in different spaces.

According to the tests that were done, Dekton emerged to be highly heat resistant. This is one of the top benefits of having this material as a countertop in both kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, Dekton was able to resist damage from all heat sources. If you’re looking for a countertop material that’s able to resist abrasion, scorching, and chopping, Dekton is a suitable choice.

We recommend using a mild soap and water whenever necessary. You may also want to invest in a hard surface spray cleaner to wipe off a Dekton countertop. Soap and water may leave an unpleasant film on the surface, which is why choosing a specialized cleaner is more ideal. Choose a cleaner that’s non-toxic and biodegradable. You can also opt for a marble or granite cleaner to give the countertop a streak-free shine.

We recommend using a mild soap and water whenever necessary. You may also want to invest in a hard surface spray cleaner to wipe off a Dekton countertop. Soap and water may leave an unpleasant film on the surface, which is why choosing a specialized cleaner is more ideal. Choose a cleaner that’s non-toxic and biodegradable. You can also opt for a marble or granite cleaner to give the countertop a streak-free shine.

Dekton counters can be repaired when damaged. It just depends on the extent of the damage. Keep in mind that once the repairs are done, they may remain visible. Your Dekton counter may not look as good as new once it’s repaired. The best part is that Dekton doesn’t stain at all. When you leave a wine glass ring on the counter for hours, in most cases it will not stain the surface. However, there are some cases where stains can occur and this can be cleaned with cream detergents with abrasive particles. Look for a cleaner that’s ideal for non-porous materials. You can also gently scrape off sticky stains like nail polish or paint on a Dekton surface using a putty knife. Some surface cracks that have occurred as a result of a heavy impact may be irreparable.You may have to replace the entire slab or section that’s affected.You can get a chip repair kit to fix small chips on a Dekton surface.

Dekton surfaces are made from a combination of materials used to make granite, quartz, and glass. This newly introduced countertop material is manufactured using a unique process known as sinterized particle technology. The raw materials are blended under extremely high heat and pressure. What results is a countertop that’s almost indestructible. Due to this fabrication process, Dekton countertops are easy to maintain and offer optimal performance. A private Spanish manufacturer known as Cosentino introduced Dekton to the world and distributes them globally.

Neolith is also considered a highly resilient and compact material used for countertops. Both are made using the same types of material and offer similar performance. The only difference between Neolith and Dekton is that they are different brands. It’s the same way we have different brands producing quartz countertops.

Dekton can be installed in both indoor and outdoor applications. Unlike other countertop materials like quartz, Dekton is ideal for the outdoors. It has been proven to be effective even in freezing climates.The material is strong enough to resist cracking or fractures during extreme temperatures. Furthermore, Dekton surfaces are also UV resistant. This means that the colours will not fade when installed in the outdoors where it’s constantly exposed to the sun. Your countertop will look as good as new after years of use when installed outside your property.

If you compare to options such as granite, marble, and quartz, Dekton counters are typically more expensive. The counters are also not as popular as options like granite and quartz because Dekton is still relatively new in the market. If availability is an issue in your area, then it’s likely to affect the price. The fact that the counters are slightly more complex to install and it’s not easy to find a fabricator locally makes the overall cost of Dekton installation slightly higher. It’s important to ensure that the installer you entrust with this project is familiar with Dekton to avoid irreparable damage to materials or a botched result.

Most people assume that porcelain and Dekton are similar countertop materials but they have different things to offer. Dekton countertops do contain some of the raw materials that are found in porcelain. However, there are some significant differences between these two surfaces. For a start, Dekton also contains some of the raw materials that are used to make quartz surfaces resilient. This results in a much more superior product. Even though quartz countertops offer exceptional all-round performance, Dekton somehow outperforms quartz because it cannot be damaged by heat, stained or discoloured. Additionally, Dekton can be installed both indoors and outdoors whereas quartz is mostly recommended indoors because it’s prone to discoloration when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. However, heat damage, staining, and discoloration are still problems for quartz countertops. One advantage of quartz over Dekton surfaces is that it doesn’t chip easily. Both Dekton and quartz offer a range of colours and patterns to choose from and don’t require sealing.

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