Every business, including those in the countertop manufacturing sector, can benefit significantly from an online presence. Search engine optimization remains one of the most effective tools to increase sales and reach more people online. Over 90% of people using online platforms start with search engines. It means they start by searching for something, and therefore they can find your product if you have optimized your website to rank higher. If you need help, dNovo Group has expert marketing strategists to help you achieve your sales objectives. Below are some ideas to try out.

Carrying out keyword research

Keywords are like a trigger for search engines. The goal should be to appear among the top answers when people type words related to your countertop business. That means researching keywords to find out the terms people are likely to use when searching for your products. The correct longtail and shorttail keywords can boost your SEO campaign tremendously.

In most cases, longtail keywords are better because they bring in more reliable leads. Since they have more words, only people who have clear goals in mind use them. For instance, someone searching for – countertop manufacturing companies in Vancouver – stands a better chance than one who types – countertop manufacturing. The latter keyword may bring in more traffic, but it is not as credible as the former. Shorttail keywords are more generic, and longtail keywords are more specific.

Incorporating keywords into the web pages

Always use the keywords within the website to allow search engines to pick them when they crawl the pages. Google crawls through websites, searching for terms that can help it understand the context of the business. When you have the right words, you will rank higher on the search results. At the same time, you must be careful to avoid keyword stuffing. Overusing them can hurt the ranking of your website. Use them on titles, meta descriptions for the pages, and any other place where the words flow naturally.

Link building

There are two types of links you should focus on:

Internal links: These typically appear within the content on your website, and they lead to your pages. Their purpose is to keep people on the website for longer by getting them to visit those pages. Make the links relevant to teach people more about the countertop business. You can make them about product descriptions, prices, or other content.

Backlinks: These are links created by other websites and placed on your site. A more authoritative site linking to yours increases the credibility of your business to the search engines and increases your chances of ranking higher.

 Improving user experience

Users will only linger on a website that gives them a positive experience. Have a professional web design, simple navigation, functional pages and features, and faster loading speeds. Remember, poorly organized web pages are a turn-off to users. Potential customers should move to various pages with ease and not experience delays when accessing some pages.

These tips can give you valuable traffic that boosts your countertop business. For more assistance, call us.

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